Video upload (en)

You have been asked to answer some video questions relating to an application for a position. You answer the video questions by uploading a short video of yourself where you answer the question.

Start by clicking on the 'Record your video' to give permission to record a video.

It is important that you have access to a camera, microphone and a stable internet connection when you are recording the video.

You must ensure that the video is 100% uploaded ... And that it is 100% processed
Once you've uploaded the video correctly, you can review it and record it over if you are not satisfied. You do this by clicking on 'Re-record?'. When you are happy with your video, click 'Next'.

When you have finished answering all the questions, it is time to approve your videos.

If the videos are green they are uploaded correctly. You can also choose to go back and re-record some of your videos.

When you are satisfied with your answers, and they are uploaded correctly, you must accept them in order to submit your responses.

Having trouble uploading the videos? Here are some tips:

Tips for uploading video by PC / Mac:

  • Make sure not to have too many programs open
  • Make sure not to have too many tabs open in your browser
  • Make sure you have connected to the Internet
  • Check that the correct microphone is on during the control panel - Audio - Recording

Tips for uploading video via Iphone / Andriod:

  • You need to give permission to your camera and microphone may be used
  • It is important that you have an Internet connection and it should preferably be via a wifi connection


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