Conditions are an independent section and therefore, they're easily adjusted.
The conditions are found by accessing organisation settings which are found by clicking the logo in the top right corner.

Next, conditions are found in the menu under settings. Here, you will find the different "default conditions" which can be adjusted as you like.

Besides default conditions, it's also possible to create new conditions.
For instance, if you would like to implement and use a kind of terms and conditions of purchase.

In order to utilise the different conditions available when creating a form, event, or job advert, simply drag these in.

When a person have accepted the conditions, it'll appear on their person card under the tab approvals. Here, it's possible to view all the conditions a person has accepted as well as when and in what connection.

Note: Right now, the conditions are not working retroactively. This will, however, be implemented at a later stage.

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