The structure of YoungCRM

Primarily, YoungCRM consists of three processes that are the cornerstones in the system.

These processes are:

  • Attract
  • Manage
  • Communicate

First and foremost, when accessing your organisation in YoungCRM, you'll get an overview of how many people there are in your system, the number of forms you've created, and how many mails you've sent. This creates an overview of your profile and the three processes mentioned above.

Basically, YoungCRM is about attracting people that your organisation desires to build relations with.


Attraction happens through those forms or events created in YoungCRM. Forms are included in the system in its default settings and they're the primary attraction tool whereas the event module is purchased separately.

Your forms or events can be used via YoungCRM or embedded directly on to your website.

A form is used to add people to your YoungCRM system. In your form, you ask people to fill out information based on the data fields you've defined in advance.


When people have filled out a form or signed up to an event, they are automatically included in YoungCRM under "People". This gives you a great overview of all the persons as well as the information they've filled out. All information in one place.

You can still collect new data about people already in your system by sending out a new form via email, for instance.

It's possible to process the collected data in YoungCRM in various ways. For instance, you can base your segmentation on a number of factors such as your data fields.

It is possible to save your segmentation and thereby create different target groups in YoungCRM. People who sign up after the target groups have been defined are automatically added to the target group they belong to. In this way, YoungCRM constantly updates the target groups.


Communication is the last of the three processes. This is where you really start to build relations with people. You can now communicate your message to people who have already shown an interest in your organisation and furthermore, you have information about them that makes your communication much more focused.

YoungCRM gives you the opportunity to effectively communicate with individuals or larger groups at once - such as your target group.

Communication with the individual happens by clicking their profile where you'll find an integrated conversation module. The mail module and SMS module are perfectly designed if you are to communicate with a larger group of people at once. The mail module comes with YoungCRM while the SMS module is purchased separately. YoungCRM makes it easy to mass communicate and you can choose from different types.

This was a short introduction to the structure of YoungCRM. Click the different links in the article to read more detailed guides on the various functions. In our HelpCenter you can find more information on how to get started with using YoungCRM.

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