Import people to YoungCRM

It's possible to import people to YoungCRM. This is useful if you have collected data about people by other means than forms via YoungCRM, or if you're moving people from another system.

To be able to import data, this must be listed in an .xls or .csv file format. It's important that these data fields match the ones in YoungCRM. For instance, first and last name must be in two separate data fields.

You can find "import" by clicking on the name of the organisation in the top right corner, select "Organisation settings" and now select "Import" in the menu under "Settings". To import the data, simply upload the file.

When the file has been uploaded, the columns from the file are matched with the data fields in YoungCRM. This is done by dragging the fields from the left to the data fields on the right.

After you've matched the data fields, click "next" and here you have the opportunity of adding a label to the people you import.

Then the import starts. Now, you can choose to continue to work in YoungCRM while all the people are being imported (you'll receive a message and an email when the import is finished) or you can have a game of snake while waiting. How long the import lasts depends on the file size.

Under the section "People", you'll find those you have imported. For instance, you could segment by the label you added to them.

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