Segmentation of people

In YoungCRM, you can divide people into different segments or target groups. This is a great tool to keep track of people in your system and use it when sending out emails or text messages.

You can segment under "People", "Candidates" and when choosing target group in connection with emails.
The segmentation happens on the basis of the different filters you've selected.


To perform a segmentation, go to People and click Segment.

Here, you are shown the different filters that you can segment by. By using filters, you can include and exclude people and find just the right target group.

You can choose to include certain people or exclude others but these two functions can, however, also be combined. For instance, you can choose to be shown people who have been added within the last 30 days while excluding people who were added last monday.

When you have performed a segmentation and found the desired target group, you can save the view.

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