Saved views

In YoungCRM, you can divide people into different segments or target groups by changing the view. When you've found the right view mode, you can save this so that your segments or target groups are saved in the system and thereby are easily accessible.

Subsequently, you can use your saved views as target groups for your email campaigns.

Your saved views are updated continuously which means that if you add new people to your system that match the segmentation, they will automatically be added to your saved views.

When accessing "People" in YoungCRM, you can perform segmentations by clicking Segment. Now, you will be shown an exhaustive list of different filters or parameters that you can segment by. When you have selected filters that define your target group, you'll be shown a list with these people.

Click Save view and give the segment or target group a suitable name.

Changing the order of your saved views is done by simply dragging the views.

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