Manual registration of people

In YoungCRM, it's possible to manually register people. This is relevant if you already know the person or you've been in contact with the person by phone.

It only makes sense to register people manually if it is a limited number of people as it can get too comprehensive. If you want to register many people in YoungCRM, it is recommended to import them from a list. You can read more about importing people to YoungCRM.

Register a new person

There are various ways to register a new person in YoungCRM. You can click the green button "Add" in the top of the screen or by using the shortcut on the dashboard. Alternatively, you can go to the section "People" and click "Add new person" in the top right corner.

When you're adding a new person, an empty person card will be shown which you can manually fill out with the information you have about the person. Fill out as much information as possible and click "Add person". 

Now, the person is added to YoungCRM.

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