Inserting tracking on success page

Via YoungCRM, you can insert tracking on the success page of your forms. This function shows how many of the people, who have been redirected to your website via a form from YoungCRM, have filled out the form and thereby have been shown the success page.

With Facebook advertising, you can see the number of clicks the ad has received, and thus, how many have been redirected to your website. However, you cannot see how many people who subsequently fill out your form on the basis of the redirection. By inserting tracking in your form, you can now monitor how many people fill out the form after being redirected!

This function is also useful when using Adwords advertising.

Tracking is inserted on the success page in the form with a script also known as a pixel.

Start by accessing your forms in YoungCRM.

Create a new form that you want to insert tracking on or edit an existing form.

Edit the success page and click advanced settings at the bottom.

Here, you can insert the script in the form of a pixel.

When you have inserted the script, continue creating the form as usual or save your actions.

If you have inserted the pixel from Facebook advertising, it is via Facebook you are able to see data on how many of the people have been redirected from the ad and have filled out your form as well.

NOTE: You must be careful when inserting the script as it can affect the performance of the system. If scripts are not one of your fortes, you should skip it.

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