Use of dynamic fields

In YoungCRM, you can turn some of your data fields into dynamic fields. Dynamic fields let you connect a data field with another. This means that a dynamic field will only show selected options that are based on the answer from the previous data field.

This might sound complicated but this is certainly not the case! Hopefully, this example can explain dynamic fields in a simple manner.

This is how you can create a dynamic field:

  • Checklist (one option)
  • Checklist (several options)
  • Dropdown checklist

Let's assume that your organisation is hosting an event where you can sign up via YoungCRM. The event spans over four days of which two are in May and two are in June. When signing up, you have the opportunity of indicating which of the four days you would like to sign up for.

First, a new data field is created with the months May and June. In this example, we are using the checklist with one option.

Next, another data field is added with the four event dates. Yet again, the checklist with one option is used.

Now, it is time to create the sign up form for the event. Insert the data field for the months.

When hovering the mouse above the data field, you click the button for dynamic fields which is found below the edit button.

Then, you add an event. This means that you select the data field you want to connect, which in this example is the field with the dates for the event.

The two data fields are now connected. Now, it's indicated which dates should be shown depending on which month have been select.

This is done by clicking the check mark under the edit button.

Now, the event dates are connected with the months.

Afterwards, click the save button. When the form is shown, it should be indicated which month you want to sign up for, before showing the event dates for the selected month.

This was an illustration of how dynamic fields are created and how they work. They can be used in various other ways.

If you have any question in regards to dynamic fields, you are more than welcome to contact our support team at

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