With the video module in YoungCRM, it's possible to collect data from video via your forms.

When creating or editing a form, you can add the video module to your form under Design. This is done by locating the data field in the bar to the right and drag the video module into your form.
You can edit the video data field by clicking the edit button.

The video module can be edited like any other data field. You can indicate the name the videos will be saved under when they have been uploaded. You can also add a description and select if it's required to upload a video or not to complete the form. Furthermore, you should set the time limit by indicating the maximum length of the video in seconds.

When you've saved the edited video data field and designed the form, the rest of the process is the same as when you create a regular form.

Under "People", you can now see who have completed the form with a video in it. If you click on the person, you will be able to find the video under their person card.

It'll look like the picture below:

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