Create data fields

Data fields are the elements in a form used to collect data about people who register or sign up. Hence the importance of data fields in YoungCRM.

Data fields are found by clicking on the organisation's name in the top right corner, select Organisation settings and click Data fields in the menu Settings.

YoungCRM comes with a number of default fields. In addition to these, it's possible to create your own data fields. There are various types of data fields that can collect data in different ways.

Add new data field

Add a new data field by clicking Add new data field and select which type of data field you would like to create. The data field you select should depend on the type of information you want to collect with that data field.

When you have selected the type of data field, you'll be asked to name it. The name will appear in the form.

Now, add answers to the question.

After saving the data field, it'll appear on the list of all your data fields. You can rename it, set it as inactive or delete it.

It's recommended to not delete a data field if it has been used to collect data, as this can affect the database. A better solution would be to set the data field as inactive.

Immediately after creating data fields, you can use them when creating new forms. The data fields are found in the toolbar in the right side. Here you can shift between default fields and data fields that you have created yourself.

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