Types of data fields

In YoungCRM, all data are collected via data fields. Therefore, these are important and you can create various types of data fields.

YoungCRM comes with a number of default data fields:

  • Name
  • E-mail
  • Phone
  • Date of birth
  • Sex
  • Address
  • Postcode
  • City
  • Country

Name and email address are required in all forms. This means that a form cannot be created without these two data fields being included.

The other data fields can be added and removed from the form but cannot be deleted in YoungCRM.

If you want to collect data that none of the default data fields can give you, you can create your own data fields.

Learn how to create your own data fields.

The type of data fields that you can manually add:

  • Textbox
  • Textbox (more lines)
  • Checklist (one option)
  • Checklist (more options)
  • Date selector
  • Number
  • Link
  • Dropdown checklist
  • Dropdown with search bar
  • SSN (Social Security Number)

Last but not least, there are some advanced types of data fields that comes with YoungCRM (Except the video recorder):

  • Upload profile picture
  • Conversation
  • Facebook
  • File upload
  • Video recorder

Now, we'll go through the different types of data fields:


Start by adding a headline or ask a question. The textbox will follow in the form.

Textbox (more lines):

This data field works just like the standard textbox, but this data field gives the person more space.

Checklist (one option):

Add a question or a headline and different answers which will show in the boxes in the form. In this data field, you can select one answer.

Checklist (more options):

In this data field, you can select multiple answers.

Date selector:

This is the date selector. Here you can ask a question or the like that can be answered with a date.


This data field should be completed with a number.

Dropdown checklist:

Add a headline or a question and create some answers. The answers will not show in boxes but in a dropdown list.

Dropdown with search bar:

This data field works just like the dropdown checklist but with this data field it is possible to search for a specific answer when the form is filled out. This is useful if there are various answers to choose from.

SSN (Social Security Number):

With this data field, you can collect SSNs in an easy and safe manner. YoungCRM makes sure that not all administrators can access the SSNs.


Here you can add a link as an answer. For instance, a link to a LinkedIn profile or a website.

Upload profile picture:

This data field makes it possible to upload a profile picture when filling out the form. The picture will be shown on the list of people in your YoungCRM system.


When a person fills out this field, a chat with YoungCRM is opened via the person card that is created when the person completes the form.

Read more about the conversation module.


This data field lets the person fill out the form by loading information from Facebook.

File upload:

This data field lets the person upload files. For instance, an application or a resume.

Video recorder:

To be able to use this data field, your organisation must purchase the video module which is an expansion to YoungCRM. This field allows the person to upload a video with the form.

You can read more about the video module.

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