Duplicate an existing email

The more you use YoungCRM, the more emails you will send over time. Most likely, you'll experience that you send out emails that look very much alike.

A great tip is to create a copy of an existing email instead of creating a new email from scratch every time. This way you can save time.

In order to create a copy of an email, access your emails in YoungCRM and find the email you want to duplicate. Note that it is only possible to duplicate automatic or planned emails.

When you have found the email you would like to duplicate, click [...] and select "Duplicate".
A copy of the email is created with the same name followed by (copy).

Even though the existing mail has been duplicated, there are a few changes to be made.
Simply activate the email if the text does not need revision. Do remember to rename the copy.

To edit and activate the email, click [...] and select "Edit email".

Make the necessary adjustments and activate the campaign.

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