Email types

When sending out emails via YoungCRM, you have to decide on which type of email you would like to send.

There are three types to choose from:

Direct email

A direct email is sent immediately after creation. The target group for direct emails are chosen by manually selecting recipients under "People". A direct email should be used if individual or few persons need to be messaged immediately.

Automatic email

The automatic email differs from the other email types as it is sent every time a person matches the target group you have set for the email campaign.

Example: If a person sign up via a form or fill out a certain data field, which means the person matches with a target group, the person in question will receive the automatic email.

Automatic emails work very well as email receipts for different forms or to be used in an automation flow.

Planned email

As the name suggests, a planned email is sent out following a schedule. When the email is created, you select the target group for the email. If more people, who match the target group, are added to YoungCRM before the time of sending, they are automatically added as recipients.

You can plan an email to be sent a few days before a scheduled event, thus working as a reminder.

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