Email statistics

When you've sent out emails via YoungCRM, you can see statistics for these emails. For instance, you can see how many have opened your email and how many have clicked the link/links in the email.

Start by accessing "Mail" where you can see all of your email campaigns. Next, select the email you would like to see statistics for, click [...] and then "Show statistics".

You are now shown the statistics for the selected email.

The following statistics are shown:

Openings: Shows how many who have opened your email - both in numbers and in percent.

Shows how many who have clicked inside the email - both in numbers and in percent.

Shows in how many instances an email has not arrived.

Shows how many people who have unsubscribed from you after having received an email.

When it comes to automatic emails, you can also get an overview of when the emails were sent out. If you scroll down in the statistics for automatic emails, you'll see a graph for this.

You can also get a more specific view for each recipient. Here, you can see who opened the email and who did not (bounced). You can also see who opened the email and clicked in it as well.

By clicking on either "Recipients", "Openings" or "Clicks", people are sorted by this.

Mail statistics are useful to get an overview of which types of emails work and what does not. You can also check if people actually receive and read your emails. 

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