Sending emails

Via YoungCRM, you can send emails to those who have signed up to your organisation.

YoungCRM makes it easy to administer your emails, segment recipients and see statistics for your emails.

By accessing "Mails", you can get an overview of your email campaigns and create new ones.

When accessing "Mails", you can see all your email campaigns. You can then sort your emails by email type and status. This is done by selecting a certain view in the light grey bar to the left.

You can read more about the three email types and different email statuses.

There are a range of information for each email campaign: What type of email and when the email was sent or when it is scheduled to. If an email is about to be sent, this will be indicated by an icon. You can see the status for each campaign as well as the open rate and click rate.
If you want more in depth statistics for an email campaign, click [...] on the email campaign in question.

Read more about email statistics.

If you're looking for a specific email campaign, use the search bar in the top right corner.

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