Workflows make it possible to create customised flows or processes that can be used to manage people in YoungCRM. During the managing, it is possible to change the "status" of a person which makes it easier for those who are handling the person as well as for others as they can see the current status of a person.

Besides this, you can now connect users of the system with individual persons. This means that you can set yourself or a colleague as responsible for managing a person.

Workflow settings

In organisation settings, you'll find the workflow settings. Here you can choose whether workflows should be activated or not. If workflows are not activated, they'll not show as a tab on the person card.

Create new workflow

A workflow is created by clicking "Add new workflow".

Next, you must name the workflow/the process and then create different phases in the flow.

Use of workflow

In future, when accessing a person card, you can see the tab "workflow" containing your newly created workflow. This is where you change the status of a person by clicking one of the processes.

You can also segment based on the statuses in the workflow. In this way, you can quickly establish an overview of who and how many people are in the workflow.

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