Activity tab

The activity tab is found in the person card and serves the purpose of ensuring a better internal communication in YoungCRM and create an overview of the activity concerning the individual person.

In the activity tab, users in your organisation can comment on a person without it being visible for the person in question. Furthermore, changes made to a person card are registered.

Among other things, the following activities are registered:

  • When a user changes the person's data
  • When a user rates a person or changes the rating
  • When a user writes a message to the person
  • When a user writes a comment about the person
  • When a file is uploaded to the person card
  • When the person card is opened
  • When the person signs up via a form
  • When the person signs up to an event

Tag users in the activity tab

You can tag colleagues/other users in your comments in the activity tab.

This is done by writing @ followed by the name of the user, you would like to tag.

The user will receive a message that he/she has been tagged in a comment in YoungCRM.

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