The person card

The purpose of the person card is to collect all information about an individual person in YoungCRM in one place. In this way, the information is more manageable and can easily be used to evaluate the person.

This guide shows how the person card is organised in YoungCRM.

You find the person card by going to "People" and click on the person whose person card you would like to see.

Tip! You can shift between person cards by using the left and right arrow keys. To shift between the tabs in the person card, use the "tab" button.

Personal information

Under the tab personal information, you can see the information a person has filled out via a form or when signing up for an event.

These information are collected via the data fields that you have created in YoungCRM.

By clicking "Actions", you'll be shown some options: You can print the person's information, delete the person card (thereby deleting the person from YoungCRM), and finally, you can edit a person's data manually by clicking "Edit".


The activity tab shows all activity concerning the selected person card. It shows which forms the person has filled out and if there have been made any changes to the person card.

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In the conversation tab, you can chat with the person directly via YoungCRM. The message you send will be sent as an email and the response to the email will automatically show in YoungCRM to maintain an overview of the chat.

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The file tab is where you find the files a person has uploaded via forms or events and you can manually upload files to the person card.

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The event tab will show which events the person has signed up to as well as a status whether the person participated in the event or not. You can manually sign the person up to an event or remove them from the event. This is done under "Actions".

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In this tab, you can see if a person has uploaded a video to the profile. You can also watch the video in this tab.

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Profile Match

Here, you can see your profile matches and how well a person matches these.

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When moving through these tabs, you'll get all the information that has been collected via YoungCRM about the person in question.

You can rate the person with 1-5 stars. For instance, this could be done based on the information in the person card.

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