An important aspect of YoungCRM is to find out which target group you would like to work with.

Relevant target groups vary from organisation to organisation and to what extent you want to use YoungCRM.

It can be difficult to come up with a specific solution when it comes to selecting target group.
Therefore, we've decided to show a number of suggestions for target groups that could be chosen, depending on which type of organisation you have. Below, you will find some great target groups if you are a/an:

  • Continutation School
  • Company
  • Upper Secondary Education Institution
  • Further Education Institution

Continuation School

  • Interested (Newsletter)

People who are generally interested in keeping up to date with the school. This could be people who are considering whether they should go to a continuation school and therefore want to know more. Typically, this target group signs up to newsletters.

  • Prospective students

Students who are relevant for the school or close to choosing the school. These are the ones that need the final "push". For instance, people who have attended open house events or the like. It could also be students who have inquired about material or a tour.

  • Future students

Students who are already signed up for the school

  • Current students

Students who are already enrolled at the continuation school

  • Former students

Former students of the school. Studies suggest that the primary reason for choosing a continuation school is because of a recommendation from friends or familiy. By targeting former students, you can make them even better ambassadors.

  • Parents

It's always a great idea to communicate with mom and dad. After all, they are the ones who pay and they have to feel safe letting their children attend continuation school.


  • Interested

This target group consists of people who are interested in working at the company. It should be casual and simply a way for people to keep up to date.

  • Specific programmes

Do you have any specific programmes you would like people to sign up to? For instance, a graduate programme, trainee programme, internships or student worker programmes. It should be targeted specifically to them.

  • Talent bank / Job bank

A talent bank is for the people you really want. Those are the talents you want to choose your company. In this way, you can invite them to events, send job adverts etc.

  • Current employees

Most jobs are found through networking and existing employees. Keep them informed about vacant jobs so they can help you recruit people from their network or use it for internal recruiting.

Upper Secondary Education Institution

  • Interested
  • Transition programmes
  • Potential students
  • Future students
  • Current students
  • Former students
  • Parents

Further Education Institution

  • Interested
  • Potential students (divided by faculty / institutes)

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