Introduction to YoungCRM Insight

YoungCRM is an analysis tool directly integrated in YoungCRM. It's automatically creating statistics that shows you information about the people you have collected via YoungCRM. For instance, it tells you who they are and where they were collected from. As the name suggests, YoungCRM Insight gives you an insight in to people, which is the purpose of the tool. When it comes to marketing and recruiting, knowledge about your target group is extremely valuable.

Where can I find YoungCRM Insight?

There has been added a new section to the menu to the left. This section is called "Analyze" and this is where you'll find YoungCRM Insight. You can create reports containing statistics about your target groups. Read more about that later in this article.

YoungCRM Insight can be accessed under "People". When you have found the target group you want to analyze, simply mark these people, click [...] and select YoungCRM Insight.

What does YoungCRM Insight show?

YoungCRM Insight shows you how many people the target group contains and the accession of people to this target group.

Under the tab "Demographics", you can see if the people you have attracted have the right age, equal distribution between sexes and the like. This can also give an indication if you have targeted the wrong target group - Perhaps, it's an entirely different segment that is interested in your organisation.

In YoungCRM Insight, you can also see what the target group selects in the different data fields which can lead to new discoveries. Do you really know your target group as well as you thought you did, or did some of the answers surprise you?

In the tab 'Mail', you can see mail statistics for the individual target group. For instance, the statistics show delivery, click rate and open rate.

By clicking the tab 'Origins', YoungCRM Insight can show you where people sign up and if they have joined because of your advertising. - This is of great value for your organisation!
This can indicate if certain channels need more attention than others in the future. This information is found under the last tab.

You can also download the statistics as a PDF file by clicking 'Download as PDF report' in the top right corner. The download will start and when the report is ready, it's found under notifications.

Improved marketing

It takes some time to walk through all the data YoungCRM Insight generates, but this is worthwhile as the knowledge gained can be used to improve marketing towards your target groups. When you know more about them, you can create more targeted ads and adjust your marketing initiatives accordingly.
Also, a more in depth knowledge about your target groups makes for better communication as you can see which emails your taget groups read and click.

Create reports

As mentioned before, you can create reports in the analysis section of YoungCRM Insight. You can download a PDF report and automatically have them sent by email.

Click 'Create report'.

Name the report and add a description.

Click 'Next'.

Select the target group you would like to create a report on. This works just like selecting a target group for sending out emails.
Choose how often the report should be sent and to what email addresses it should be sent to. If the frequency must be different for two email addresses, you must create two reports.

Your report has now been created and will be sent with the chosen frequency.

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