Link to forms in emails

When sending emails via YoungCRM, you can link to your forms in emails. In this way, YoungCRM will automatically add the person ID to the form from the person who received the email. This means that the data the person fills out is added to the person's existing data instead of creating a new person in your system.

This is an advantage because you can easily collect more data about people already registered in your system.

This function is particularly advantageous if you have a simple sign up form because you want to add as many as possible to your system without having them to fill out several data fields. Subsequently, you can send an email to people with a link to a form where you collect additional information.

Down below is a step-by-step guide on how to link to forms in emails:

Start by making sure that you have a form that you can link to in your email. 

Read more about how to create forms.

Create an email campaign. You can setup an automatic email that is sent out when people have signed up, or you can send a direct email afterwards if you want to send a form to the people in YoungCRM.

Read more about emails.

When designing your email campaign, insert a textbox. This is done by dragging it into the email from the toolbar to the right.

When you've inserted the textbox, click on the "form" icon in the toolbar above the textbox. The icon looks like a document (See picture below).

By clicking the form icon, a drop-down menu will show with all the forms you've created. Select the one you want to link to in your email.

Now, the link to the form has been inserted. When people click the link in the email, they are redirected to the form.

By clicking on the link and selecting "Edit", you can rename the link.

Now, you can see the link in the email. It's recommended to tick off the box with "open link in new tab". In this way, you make sure that the email is not closed when people access the form.

Afterwards, you are redirected to the form.

Remember, YoungCRM automatically remembers the person ID. By filling out the form, a person will add more information to his/her profile if already registered in the system.

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