Create arrival form for events

Sometimes, when hosting an event, it can be difficult to keep track of how many of those who signed up actually show up. You can, of course, ask them to check in before the event but this is not the ideal way.

Instead, you can create an arrival form for every event via the Event Manager. It is a form where you can manually tick off people from a list of all participants. The arrival form could easily be used on a tablet, where you can tick off people as they arrive at the event.

The arrival form is found under [...] next to every event in the Event Manager.

The form looks like a list of all participants, and for each person you can click 'arrived' to indicate that the person has showed up. When ticking off people, they are automatically removed from the list and the statistics at the top of the form adjust accordingly.

When the event is over, you can access event statistics and see how many of those who signed up showed up.

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