Manually select people for your event

Via the Event Manager in YoungCRM, you can create an event where you can manually define who can participate in the event.

This is done by creating an event with zero participants so that people who sign up automatically join the waiting list. Then, you can manually select people from the waiting list that should have their status changed to 'participating'.

Start by creating an event.

Set the maximum number of participants to zero. Remember to enable the waiting list in the event settings. You shouldn't enable the automated promotion.

When creating emails in relation with this type of event, note that they should differ from other types of emails. Consider when the people should receive the different emails and in what order they should receive them.

For instance, people should receive an email receipt only when there's a vacant spot for the event. Therefore, it's a great idea to create an email receipt stating this by saying, for instance: "You have a spot at the upcoming event!".

The email receipt for people who have been put on the waiting list could say something along the lines of: "Thank you for your interest in the event!  You are now on the waiting list.".
This is done in order to let them know that they've been registered but have yet to be given a spot for the event.

When you've created the event, market it like any other event. Send it to a certain target group in an email via YoungCRM, for instance.

By accessing 'Statistics' for the event, you can see a list of people who have signed up as well as their status. You can click 'Go to' for each person to have their person card shown, or you can click 'Open in People' which will show a list of all participants in the People section in YoungCRM.

To give a person access to your event, click on the people you would like to sign up for the event. You're then shown the person's person card. Go to the tab 'Events'.

Here, you're shown what events the person has signed up to via YoungCRM and the person's status for the events. To grant access to the event, click [...] and select 'Force sign up'.

The person is now signed up to the event. Now, you can see which persons you have given a spot at the event.

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