Event statistics

When creating an event in YoungCRM with the Event Manager, statistics for the event are automatically created. This can be easily accessed under your events.

Find the event you would like to see statistics for, click 'Actions' and then 'Statistics'.

You're now shown the following data for the event:

Registered: Shows you how many have signed up for the event in total.

Waiting list:
Shows the number of people on the waiting list.

Shows the percentage of the participants who have checked in to your event.

Number of participants

Checked in:
The number of people who have checked in.

The number of people who unsubscribed from the event.

By selecting the 'Total registered' tab, you are shown an overview of the people who have signed up for the event and their status. If you click 'Go to' next to a person, you will automatically be shown the person card of that particular person.

Under the third tab, 'Email statistics', you can see statistics for the emails sent out in relation with the event. You can see what email types, the number of emails sent as well as ow many have opened and clicked in the email. Furthermore, the statistics show if there are any emails that have been declined or how many people have unsubscribed from the event on the basis of that particular email.

By clicking 'View receivers', you can see who have received the email.

Under event statistics, you can click the blue button 'Open in People'. By doing so, you will automatically be shown the participants from the event as a segmentation under People in YoungCRM.

You can choose to save this view if the people who participated in the event constitutes a target group. You could name the target group after the event.

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