Event emails

When creating an event via the Event Manager in YoungCRM, you can pick and choose between different functions with emails related to them. This guide presents the different emails associated with events.

Emails are created under event settings for the individual event and here, you can get a preview of the different emails so you can see what they look like.

If you have added the SMS module to your YoungCRM system: You can choose to send an SMS-version of the email.
Down below you can see which emails can be sent as an SMS (See brackets).

Receipt on sign up (Required, SMS): This email is sent out to people who sign up to an event and is assigned a spot. It works like a confirmation email.

Reminder (SMS): An email is sent to participants a few days before the event takes place. It serves as a reminder and it increases the likelihood of people showing up. It is up to you how many days in advance the reminder is sent out.

Check in (SMS): This email is sent to participants and asks them to check in to the event. This makes it easier to see who of those who signed up actually show up to your event.

Cancellation (SMS): When a person has cancelled from an event, or has been cancelled via YoungCRM, the person will receive an email.

Waiting list receipt: If the waiting list has been enabled for the event, people who are put on the waiting list will receive an email about this. A confirmation for being on the waiting list.

Email for those who did not get a spot: An email is sent to people on the waiting list who did not get a spot at the event.

Automated promotion: An email is sent to people on the waiting list when they have been assigned a spot for the event.

Tip!: Under event settings you can create texts for the different event emails beforehand, if you do not want to create a new text for every single event. In this way, you might only need to adjust the text a bit from time to time thereby saving time.

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