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The Event Manager is a module developed for YoungCRM with the purpose of managing events. The module creates an overview of registered people, participants and cancellations. It can be used for both small and big events.

This is a guide how to create an event via the Event Manager.

You can see your events and create new ones via the Event Manager. 

Click 'Create event'.

You're then asked to fill out basic information for the event such as time and place, number of spots, price and registration deadline. In addition, you're asked to name the event and write a brief description.  You should also indicate who is the contact person for the event.

Next step is to design the form through which people sign up to the event. This is done by adding different data and event fields in the same way as you would design a regular form.

To be able to distinguish data fields in regular forms from data fields in event forms, its is possible to create event fields. Read more about event fields.

The data or event fields inserted to the form are important for which information is collected about people who participate in the event.

After creating a sign up form, you can setup various functions associated with your event. The functions consist of automated service emails for the participants. Furthermore, you can create an automated waiting list that people are added to if the event is full.

Read more about different service emails associated with events.

When enabling the functions you want, and having created the emails for the event, click 'Next'.

Now, you should create a success page which is the page people are shown when they have successfully signed up for the event. If you've enabled a waiting list, you should also create a success page for those who join the waiting list.

Furthermore, you must decide where people should be redirected to after signing up by selecting an option for redirecting.

Now, your event has been created and you can receive sign ups via the form.

NOTE: You can save your changes during the creation of the event, which means that you can leave the event and get back to it later.

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