By utilizing the video module in YoungCRM, people can upload a video presentation via forms.
The video is recorded when filling out the form and the maximum length of the video is decided by your organisation.

The video module is of great value to your organisation in relation with recruitment as it's easier to get an impression of the candidate through a video presentation. The video module is a great supplement to a standard application form so that basic information such name, age, education and the like is covered in the form and the video focuses on personal attributes.

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Tips for using the video module when recruiting

Here, you'll find a guide on how to use the video module in your recruitment process.

Step 1

Start by creating an application form for a job position in your organisation. Leave out the video module of this form to separate it from the form and to avoid the form getting too long. In this form, you should ask for basic information you would like to collect about the applicant.

Step 2

Create a form for collecting video presentations. Make the purpose of the video presentation clear. What do you want the applicant to tell you and why are you encouraging them to record a presentation?

It's recommended to add a guide how to upload the video, which platform they should use, length of the presentation and other special requirements.

Step 3

Send an email to the applicants and encourage them to send a video representation of themselves. Argue for, why a video presentation would put them in a stronger position in relation with the job and link to the form containing the video module. When linking directly to a form sent via YoungCRM, data from the form is automatically added to the data you already have about the person as the system connects the person id's.

Step 4

Segment applicants by those who have created video presentations. Watch the presentations and read the additional information about the person. This puts you in a great position when recruiting.

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