Application flow

The purpose of the application flow is to collect more data about the applicants than you would get in a "regular" application. The application flow consists of video questions and analyses that you can ask the applicants to answer in connection with their application.

Attaching the application flow

In the first step when creating a new job position, you can choose whether the application flow should be activated or not.

If the application flow is activated, you can select which video questions and analyses you would like to attach to the job position.

When applicants receive an email receipt for their applications, they'll be redirected to the application flow. You can also choose to show the application flow immediately after the application has been sent instead of redirecting them to another page.

Viewing the application flow

When a candidate has sent an application, he/she is redirected to the application flow.

First, they'll see a short introduction to the flow.

Then they'll be presented one or more video questions, if these have been activated. If they wish not to answer the question, they can skip it. An applicant can return to the application flow any time and fill out the remaining questions.

Next step in the application flow is the analyses, organised the same way as the application form. When these have been answered, click next.
When the applicant has completed the flow, the answers can be viewed and it can be chosen if the application flow should be uploaded to the application.

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