An introduction to YoungCRM Recruiter

YoungCRM Recruiter is the recruitment module in YoungCRM. By using YoungCRM Recruiter, you can create new job positions and manage applications. The purpose of the module is to simplify the recruitment process and integrate it directly in YoungCRM where you already have access to talents.
In the following, the most basic functions of the YoungCRM Recruiter is described.

Standardise information

When adding YoungCRM Recruiter to your system, you can fill out a lot of standard information under settings such as: company descriptions, job types, workplace and application fields. These can be attached to the job adverts you create. You can also send out emails to the applicant during the recruitment process.

Create and manage job positions

Under the attraction section, where you can also find "Forms", the Recruiter will be added (if you have the module). From there, all job positions are created and managed. This gives you an overview of job positions and the number of applications.

As mentioned before, when creating a job position, you can use the settings you've already created. In addition, you are guided through a flow that will help you remember all information in relation with creating a new job advert. You should also set up an email receipt.
You can share your job adverts after creation.

Create a job portal

When YoungCRM Recruiter is activated, a job portal is automatically created for your organisation. All active job positions (positions open for applications) will automatically be shown, and from here, you can view the adverts. In the job portal, you can also segment job positions by workplace and job types as well as create a job agent.

Managing candidates

Under 'Manage', you will find the module 'Candidates'. 'Candidates' is similar to 'People' but differs by showing people depending on what positions they've applied for via YoungCRM.

Furthermore, the person card has been adjusted to the recruitment process and therefore is shown as an 'Application card', perfectly suited for managing the application.
The 'Application card' contains the following information:

  • Change status of an application and send messages/emails directly to the applicant
  • Evaluate whether the person is fit for the position or not
  • Rate the person
  • View the application
  • View files
  • View the activity/changes that have been made to the application card.

YoungCRM Recruiter ensures that you cannot close a job position before all applications have been managed - In other words, hired or rejected.

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