Profile Match setup

With the module Profile Match, you can create different person profiles making it easier to find the perfect match between people in YoungCRM and your organisation.

Set up Profile Match by accessing your organisation settings

Click 'Add Profile Match'.

Next step is to name your Profile Match. It's recommended that you name the Profile Match after job description or the like which makes it easier to manage your different profile matches.

Now, you have to set up the Profile Match. Select some parameters based on your data fields. The fields you select should be the ones you want the person to match.

In the following example, the parameters "Level of education" and "Years of work experience" have been selected.

Then, the options for each parameter are rated with a score of how attractive the match is. You decide how to rate the options. It could be on a scale from 1-10, 1-100 or something else. The important thing is that a high score is what makes them a Profile Match.

Your Profile Match has now been created and it's a great way to find the perfect match for your organisation.

Under organisation settings, you can see your newly-created Profile Match. Here, you can perform certain actions like editing or deleting a Profile Match.

In addition, you can set the color interval for your Profile Match. By default, a person with a Profile Match percentage above 80 will be green, those between 20 and 80 percent orange, and less than 20 percent will be red. By clicking [...] on a Profile Match and selecting 'Adjust color range', you can change the colors.

By looking at a person's person card, you can see how much the person matches your Profile Match.

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