Recruiter - candidate card

The following guide will give you information about the tab 'Candidates' in the Recruiter. 'Candidates' resembles the function 'People' which is part of YoungCRM.

The guide will cover the following:

Application card

  • Status
  • Suitability
  • Rating
  • Activity
  • Interview
  • Application
  • Files
  • Other applications

Application card

The application card is a card for the individual applicant where you can see all communication and personal information. In the picture below, you can see a number of tabs where different information can be found.

Now, we'll walk through the tabs.

Application card - Status

The first tab 'Status' helps you keep track of the applicant's status in the application process. Change the status of a person by clicking the icon 'Save status and send email'. Afterwards, the applicant will receive an email.

Application card - Suitability

In the second tab 'Suitability', you can decide whether you find the individual candidate suitable for the job position in question or not. This is done by moving the marker between the three options.

Afterwards, you can view the individual candidate's suitability in the list of candidates

Application card - Rating

Just like you can see the suitability of candidates in the overview, you can also see their rating.
The rating is based on parameters specified earlier in the process.

Application card - Activity

In the tab 'Activity', you can view the activity on the applicant's profile. For instance, if the person has been rated by a colleague.

Application card - Interview

The conversation module can be utilized to message the applicant if you have any questions or other relevant information.

Application card - Application

In this tab, you can find general information about the applicant such as name, address, phone number, assigned labels, and the like.

Application card - Files

Here, you can see the files attached by the applicant or by yourself.

Application card - Other applications

In the final tab 'Other applications', you can see the application history of the individual person. If the person has sent applications before, you can find them here.

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