This guide will show you how to add new users to your organisation in YoungCRM. It also explains the connection between the different user types and their rights.

You manage the users in YoungCRM by clicking on the organisation's name in the top right corner, select 'organisation settings' and then 'Users'.

Down below, you can see an overview of all user types and their role.


As a user in YoungCRM, you can have one of four roles:

Organisation owner: This user role has full access to all system functions and can add/remove users. It's also the organisation owner that decides who has access to social security numbers as well as which views the limited user has under "People".

Can use most of the system's functions but cannot, for instance, purchase modules.

This role can use the most common functions in YoungCRM such as create forms, send emails, make changes to person cards but cannot make changes to organisation settings.

Limited user:
Cannot make changes or create anything but this role is able to view people and person cards.

Manage user rights

You can manage user rights by clicking [...] next to the user and select 'Manage rights'.
In addition to choosing which role the user should have, you can also decide if the person should have access to see social security numbers in YoungCRM.

By clicking [...], you can resend login information if a user has forgotten this as well as remove a person from YoungCRM.

Add new user

Add a new user to YoungCRM by entering the new user's email address, select which role the user should have, and complete the registration by clicking 'Create user'

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