Email settings

In email settings, you can set up some default settings for your emails.

All settings can be changed for the individual email but default settings makes it faster to send emails.

To find your email settings, click the organisation's name in the top right corner, select 'Organisation settings' and then 'Email settings' in the 'Settings' menu.

Here, you can change the following settings:

Default sender name

You can change the sender name of the email. Typically, this would be the organisation's name.

Default sender email address

You can also change the sender email address. Typically, this would be noreply@[organisation name].com or contact@[organisation name].com. What to choose depends on if you want to be able to receive answers on mass emails or if the receiver should not be able to respond to the emails. Any email can be used as the default sender.

Default cover

Set up a default cover photo for all your future emails.

Background color

Select which background color your emails should have.

Read more about sending emails via YoungCRM.

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