Last updated: Aalborg, 17. May 2016

This article covers common questions in regards to the legal aspect concerning YoungCRM, supplied by CompanYoung A/S, as data processor.

Ownership of data:

The customer (of the YoungCRM system) owns the data stored internally in the individual organisation including data about people, files, videos and similar data.

Storage of data:

All data is stored on servers in Europe. In addition, the data is backed up several times a day.

Encrypted data:

Connections to and from YoungCRM and all of its servers are encrypted via a safe SSL connection that follows modern standards.

Limited access:

Only carefully selected employees at CompanYoung A/S have access to data in YoungCRM by agreement with the customer.

Consent and revocaction hereof:

YoungCRM contains standard statements of consent which by the customer can be expanded, changed or deleted. Default statements of consent ensure that all permissions by users allow the customer to store and process data as well as communicate via email and SMS.

It is the customer's own responsibility if the statement of consent is changed. Moreover, YoungCRM allows automatic revocation of consent.

Safety procedures:

A number of safety procedures have been prepared and implemented by CompanYoung A/S which state the following:

  • Who from CompanYoung A/S has access to the system
  • How CompanYoung A/S prevents breakdowns and leaks
  • How CompanYoung A/S acts in the event of breakdowns and leaks

Storage of Social Security Numbers:

Certain organisations/customers utilise YoungCRM to receive information that may contain social security numbers. In this case, social security numbers are specifically encrypted and only users selected by the organisation have access to this data.

It is the organisation's own responsibility to make sure that its employees have signed solemn declarations to be able to handle this type of data.


A person can always unsubscribe from emails. In other words, the person can indicate if they do not wish to receive marketing related material anymore. Hereafter, the system blocks the option of sending more emails to the person.

This function can, however, be deactivated for the individual email but the organisation must abide by the law - This is the organisation's own responsibility.


Just like with emails, a person can unsubscribe from text messages and thereby indicate that they do not wish to receive marketing related material anymore. Hereafter, the system blocks the option of sending out text messages to the person in question again.

Use of YoungCRM:

As a customer using the YoungCRM system, it is important that you are aware of and abide by the present legislation.

The legislation present at any given time can be found on the website of The Danish Data Protection Agency:

In addition to the above mentioned legislation, organisations who are dealing with young people below the age of 18 should read the following:

NOTE: In relation with children and young people below the age of 18, it should be noted that an ad cannot directly encourage a child to purchase a product or persuade its parents or other adults to purchase the product for them.
For more information, see point 2.2.5 article 28.

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