Shortcuts offer a quick and easy way to access the functions you utilize the most in YoungCRM. There's a set number of shortcuts shown on the front page.

It's up to you which shortcuts you would like to have on the front page. This can be changed by clicking the three dots in the top right corner (See picture below).

How do you change them?

When clicking the three dots, an 'edit' button will appear. Click this and you'll be able to choose between the various shortcuts.

Start by removing the active shortcuts you don't want to use any longer. This is done by dragging it down to inactive. This will leave an empty space among the active shortcuts and now, you can simply drag and drop the desired shortcut. Remember to hit 'Save'.

If you have any questions or suggestions in relation with our new shortcuts, feel free to contact our support at or use the chat function in YoungCRM.

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