Conversation module

You can have a conversation with a person directly through YoungCRM. In this way you have better control of your conversations and you can skip the part of setting up an email client.

Via the conversation module, all your conversations with a person are collected in one place. This makes it easy to manage your communication. You can also see who your organisation has previously communicated with.

When a person responds to your message, you'll receive a notification making it easy to return to the person.

The conversation module is found as a tab in the person card.

Start a conversation by clicking 'New conversation'.

When you have sent a message to a person via YoungCRM, it'll be sent as an email. You can attach files to a messages by clicking the icon next to the 'Send'-button.

All users in your organisation's YoungCRM system can see which conversations have been held with each person. If several users wish to participate in a conversation, they simply write a message and they are automatically added to the conversation.

Conversation as a data field

In YoungCRM, there is a conversation data field that is directly connected to the conversation module. This data field can be inserted in forms. The data field is found in 'Advanced fields' when designing your form.

When a person is filling out the form and writes in the conversation data field, a conversation is automatically created. This field can be used to asking questions, for instance.

To make it more manageable when people fill out the conversation data field, and thereby starting  a new conversation, you can assign people from your organisation who should be notified. This is also selected when creating the form.

Tip! If there are various users using the conversation module, it is a great idea to upload profile pictures. This makes it easier to tell people apart.

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