In the Event Manager in organisation settings, there are various settings. There are settings for the following:

  • Event emails

In this page, you can manage all your event emails. You can edit the default subject and texts for different status emails in relation with the Event Manager. This speeds up the creation of events significantly.

  • Event portal

From here, you can manage the settings for the event portal. You can give it a title, a description and upload a cover photo. The event portal gathers all your active events and let users see what other events you are offering.

  • Event tags

Use event tags to distinguish different types of events from each other. You can also sort events by tags in the event portal.

  • Event settings

Here, you can make general changes to the Event Manager. For instance:

  • Link to 'See our other events' in emails
  • Enter name for 'events' in singular
  • Enter name for 'events' in plural
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