Completed applications will be reviewed and approved or denied by the Chief Information Officer and if applicable site principals based on criteria including teacher to student ratios, attendance rates, and discipline history. Although requests for a transfer to a specific school site are considered, transfers are approved to the district only. Notification of the assigned school will be given at the time of approval. Principals cannot make any decision regarding the approval or denial of the transfer requests unless approved by the Chief Information Officer or Superintendent.

Written notice of the approval or denial of a transfer request will be mailed to the address provided on the transfer application no later than the middle of June or as required by Oklahoma state law.

Approved Transfers
If the transfer request is approved, the approval letter, along with all other required enrollment documentation, must be submitted during the time of enrollment at the Yukon Public Schools Enrollment Center. Please contact the YPS Enrollment Center for enrollment information at 405.265.1300 or via email to

Denied Transfers
If the transfer request is denied, you have a right to appeal the decision by completing the online Transfer Request Appeal Form.

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