Open Transfers

Transfers to another district may be approved by the board of education of the receiving school district. If the grade a student is entitled to pursue is not offered in the district where the student resides, the transfer shall be automatically approved by the receiving school district. No student may be granted more than one (1) open transfer per school year, but may qualify for additional transfers pursuant to emergency provisions of the Education Open Transfers Act or a legal change in residence. All open transfers must be initiated and processed in accordance with the following procedures:

(1)    The parent of the student must complete an application form specified by the State Board of Education and local school District. The application must be filed with the receiving school district by May 31 of the school year preceding the school year for which the transfer is being requested.

(2)    No later than May 31 of the same year in which the transfer is requested, the receiving school district shall notify the resident school district that an application for transfer has been filed by the student enrolled in the resident school district.

(3)    No later than July 15 of the same year in which the transfer is requested, the board of education of the receiving school district shall approve or deny the application and notify the parents of the student of the decision in writing.

(4)    No later than August 1 of the same year in which the transfer is requested, the parents of the student shall provide the receiving school district with written notification that the student will be enrolling in the receiving school district. Failure of the parents to notify may result in the loss of the student's right to enroll in the school district for that year only. If a parent fails to notify the receiving school district that a student will be enrolling, and the receiving school district chooses to cancel the transfer, the receiving school district shall provide a written notice of the cancellation to the parent and the resident district immediately upon cancellation.

(5)    Approval of the resident district is not required for an open transfer.

(6)    Transfer requests submitted outside of the statutory time frame for open transfers will not be considered timely and must meet the statutory criteria of an emergency transfer to be approved.

(7)    Notwithstanding the provisions of this subsection, a student shall be allowed to transfer to a school district in which a parent of the student is employed as a teacher upon the approval of the receiving district only, without regard to the deadlines or other limitations on number of transfers set forth in this subsection.

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