School districts in Oklahoma have the option of offering Pre-K programs to eligible students. Pre-K is currently not required in the State of Oklahoma. However, we understand the educational and social benefits of children starting school at this age and are pleased to offer Pre-K classes in our District. Because class size is limited to 20 students, Yukon Schools uses a “Pre-K Drawing” method to determine who may attend.  The process for pre-enrollment in the program begins in early March prior to the beginning of the following school year.  Parents interested in having their child attend should contact their local elementary school the first week of March of the current school year. Please note that parents are required to provide transportation for Pre-K students.

Yukon Public Schools offers full-day and Head Start Pre-K classes. Yukon Public Schools no longer offers half-day pre-k sessions. Yukon Public Schools has partnered with Big Five Community Services in offering full-day Head Start Pre-K classes at Parkland Elementary School. Head Start classes have special requirements in addition to the normal Pre-K Enrollment Process.

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