Each Local Education Agency (LEA) that receives funds under the ESEA must comply with a request by a military recruiter or an institution of higher education for secondary students' names, addresses, and telephone numbers, unless a parent has "opted out" of providing such information.

All parents and students are given notification of their rights under FERPA and opting out of the release of directory information during their initial enrollment with Yukon Public Schools and each year during returning student enrollment via the Student/Parent Handbook.

Release of Students who have opted-out of Releasing Directory Information

Pursuant to Federal NDAA, FERPA, ESSA and ESEA regulations military recruiters are entitled to directory information maintained by Yukon Public Schools when requested. In addition, Military Recruiters can request a listing of those who have opted out of releasing their directory information. However, Yukon Public Schools does not release opt-out information pursuant to the exceptions defined in FERPA, ESSA Section 8528 and ESEA Section 9528 where any student who has opted out of disclosure of such information which is also defined as directory information by the LEA (Yukon Public Schools) may not be released. Since Yukon Public Schools specifically defines the name of the student as directory information and allow parents to opt out of the release of said information it will not be disclosed when requested.

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