• Have your child attend pre-kindergarten regularly.
  • Notify the school if your child is absent.
  • Be prompt in dropping off and picking up your child.
  • Label any items that are brought to school.
  • Send a note of explanation when transportation plans are changed.
  • Send a note of explanation when your child should stay inside during recess.
  • Examine and discuss your child's work with him or her.
  • Display this work and praise your child's effort.
  • Provide regular bedtime hours, and a good breakfast and lunch for your child.
  • Purchase all school supplies before the first day of school.  (Additional supplies may be needed for the second semester).
  • Place money sent to school in a sealed envelope labeled with the child's name and the purpose for the money.
  • Help your child learn his or her full name, telephone number, address and birthday.
  • Be a reading model.

These suggestions will help your child’s first year of school begin on a positive note:

  • Be sure that school records have current home and work telephone numbers.
  • Know the school calendar-which days your child will be in or out of school.
  • Be certain your child knows basic safety rules.
  • If possible, visit the school building with your child before the first day.
  • Be sure your child knows his/her teacher's name.
  • If your child expresses doubts or fears, don't ignore them.  Try to answer all questions in a positive, reassuring way.  Let your child know that there will be friendly people to help at all times.
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