To understand how Zaarly is different and better, we encourage Homeowners to "Follow the Money." By seeing how other web platforms and companies make money, it is easy to see where their interests lie, and how that might disadvantage you.

Most other web platform companies make money by:

  • Service Providers paying for Leads (your name, phone number and any other info you give them)
  • Service Providers paying for Ads (to show up at the top of "the list")

With Leads, a web platform company will sell your name and phone number to 3-6 service companies, who then race to call/email/text in order to "close you" because they have already spent money on your information.

With Ads, you are browsing a list of "the best businesses" but it is difficult or impossible to distinguish which ones have paid to show up at the top of the list, rather than earned that spot. 

The problem with BOTH of these is that web platform companies have already made their money before you even connect with a service provider. They DO NOT CARE whether you find a good contractor or a bad one, and they take no accountability for quality.

Once they make their money, they're on to the next customer.

Zaarly does things differently.

Zaarly only makes money on completed jobs AFTER payment has taken place and the homeowner is happy with the result. (Hopefully happy enough to keep coming back to hire other services as well.)

Our Service Providers are happy to pay us a percentage of the jobs we send them, because they don't have to gamble on leads or advertising. They only pay when they receive a completed, paying job.

Zaarly aligns itself with the best interests of Homeowners AND Service Providers.

We are only interested in win-win arrangements. That's how we do business, and we are proud to partner with homeowners and service providers who feel the same.

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