Zaarly is dedicated to accountability in home services. The first piece of that is to partner with only the most reliable home service businesses. We can't overstate how much effort and pride we put into this process.

Screening Process

At Zaarly, we know precisely what kinds of companies we're looking for; they are: 

• Experienced in their industry
• Honest
• Grow their companies through referrals (which means customers love them)
• Organized and detail-focused
• Take responsibility for their mistakes and learn from them
• Great communication skills

Filtering Process

Next, we put every potential Zaarly partner through an extensive check of 9 steps to make 100% sure that they have every trait on that list. 

  1. We research their online presence and reviews. 
  2. We interview the owner by phone
  3. We call 10+ customer references
  4. We do thorough background checks through Checkr, a trusted 3rd party  
  5. We verify insurance with their insurance agent
  6. We gather license # and ensure good standing (when applicable)
  7. We meet and interview the owner in person
  8. We train them on Zaarly's tools and our expectations for conduct
  9. Last, coach them carefully during their first 30 days on Zaarly

    This process takes more than 15 hours for each company. That's why we do this work. Because it's completely unreasonable to expect homeowners to do this themselves for everyone you hire.

Job Matching Process 

Once we know a business is excellent, we work hard to know which projects are right for each company. Our job-matching process is crucial to match you with the right company for every home project. 

These are all the things we ask and carefully record: 

• Service area on a zip-code level
• Skill level on 1,000+ individual services
• Price level (budget or premium pricing)
• Which jobs they LOVE to do, and which they'll do only grudgingly
• Even after they've made it through all our checks, we stay involved in every project and watch how their business changes over time. If we're not confident that businesses deliver on homeowner expectations, we'll end the partnership right then and there. 

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