Zaarly's $100 no-show policy is one of the clearest examples of how we hold service providers accountable. One of the most annoying things about hiring is when you get stood up for an appointment.

Our Service Providers have all agreed to pay you $100 if they no-show to an appointment.

What is a No-Show?
Missing a previously scheduled appointment (not showing up within 1 hour of scheduled time or window) -- without communicating a cancellation.

What Doesn't Count as a No-Show? 

  • Cancellation with an hour or more notice.
  • Being late is not a no-show (though still annoying).

If a Service Provider has no-showed you, please let us know at!

If a Service Provider has seriously annoyed you, even if it doesn't quite fit the formal definition of a no-show, please get in touch so that we can address the issue.

(Effective for any scheduled appointment on or after April 2, 2018)

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