To use Zaikio and order your Paper from within Keyline you need to migrate Keyline into Zaikio first. If this has not happened yet, please follow the instructions in Keyline (notice in the header area). Afterwards you can activate the Zaikio Procurement Service as followed:


Step by Step Guide:

  • Log in to Keyline and go to Settings – Zaikio – Zaikio Procurement and activate the Zaikio Procurement functionality

  • Give Zaikio Procurement permission to connect to Keyline
    Please accept that Keyline can access the Zaikio Procurement Services to order from within Keyline (e.g. you will have access to the suppliers' assortment). Additionally, please give Zaikio Procurement permission to access your Zaikio data (e.g. your site information). Afterwards you return to the keyline interface.

No customer data is transferred or stored on Zaikio. Customer security is Zaikio's top priority, so you always remain the owner of your data. Zaikio is GDPR compliant and stores data exclusively in the EU according to European law. If you want to share data, you have to actively authorise it. Zaikio will never share your or your customers' data without your permission.

  • Request your Connection to your supplier
You will need your Customer Number and your Contact Credentials to request the connectivity. After submitting your data you will either be activated directly or you have to wait a few days for the activation, depending on the supplier.

  • You now have access to all papers from the selected manufacturer - with current prices! From now on, you no longer have to maintain or import catalogs for your stored service provider. Orders are placed as usual from Keyline after you have placed the order in production.

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