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Connect with suppliers and place orders
Connect with suppliers and place orders
How do I connect to a supplier in Zaikio Procurement and how can I submit an order?
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  1. Connecting to suppliers:
    In the "Suppliers" tab you can make a connection request to the suppliers connected to Zaikio or add manual suppliers yourself..

    Zaikio Procurement - supplier overview

    Supplier overview

    Zaikio Procurement - Connection request

    Connection request

  2. Confirmation by the supplier:
    Most suppliers first check your request in an internal process and then give you access to their items and your agreed prices.

    Usually this takes about 48 hours, in rare cases a little longer. Zaikio cannot speed up this process, so please contact your supplier directly if it takes significantly longer.
    Once this is done, you can order the supplier's items via Zaikio Procurement. With some suppliers you even have direct access to their entire item catalogue.

    Zaikio Procurement - article catalog

    Excerpt from article catalogue (Antalis)

  3. Creating requirements:
    Before every order comes the demand.
    In our table you select the supplier, material, quantity and your desired delivery date and directly see the price for the desired quantity. You yourself or your connected MIS can additionally enrich the requirement with a reference (job name, etc.).
    Depending on the technical possibilities of the supplier, you also see directly when your article can be delivered.

    Zaikio Procurement - creating material requirements

    Creating material requirements (Antalis)

  4. Placing orders:
    With Zaikio Procurement, orders are placed with just a few clicks.
    Ideally, Zaikio communicates directly with the supplier's system and you will receive a confirmation and information about the status of your order in the shortest possible time.
    Of course you can also combine several items in one order.

    Place order (multiple articles)

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