Shipping rates

Compatible apps

We have direct integrations with the following shipping rate apps. This means that we control exactly when their rates appear within your checkout. For example, we can prevent shipping rates from Intuitive Shipping appearing when a customer selects in-store pickup.

Not compatible

You can continue to use the following apps alongside Store Pickup + Delivery, but we won’t be able to prevent their rates from appearing when a customer selects in-store pickup or local delivery.

  • Parcelify

  • Better Shipping

  • ShipStation

Last Mile Couriers

Compatible apps

Delivery operations manager

Compatible apps

Route Optimization

Compatible services

Order Printing/Invoices

Compatible apps

Not compatible

  • ShipStation

    • You can continue using it but we will not be able to prevent pickup orders from being sent to ShipStation

Email design

Compatible apps

Product Options

Compatible apps

Not compatible

  • Custom Product Options

  • Advanced Product Options

  • Hulk Product Options

  • Dynamic Product Options

  • Live Product Options

  • Order & Product Fees

  • Product Options Variant Option by YMQ

  • Variant Option Product Options


Partially compatible

Apps using the Shopify Subscriptions API (Shopify checkout compatible) are partially compatible with Store Pickup + Delivery—read more in our Subscription API article.

Compatible apps

  • Bold Subscriptions (v1 - legacy version)

Not compatible

  • Recharge (legacy version)

  • Seal Subscriptions (legacy version)

Mobile App Generators

Compatible apps

Not compatible

  • TapCart

  • Shopney

  • Vajro

Discounts / Tiered pricing

Compatible apps

Not compatible

  • Bulk Discounts Now

  • Quantity Breaks & Discounts

  • Quantity Breaks ‑ Bulk Prices

  • Volume & Tiered Discounts

  • Giftship

  • Gift Box — Free Gifts Purchase

  • Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale / Bundles

  • Bold Discounts

  • Discountify

  • EasyGift: Auto Add to Cart

  • Super Gift Options: Gift Wrap (by Effective Apps)

  • Quantity Discount Order Limits (by Orichi)

Cart Drawers

Compatible apps

Upselling / bundles

Compatible apps

Not compatible

  • Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale / Bundles

  • Bold Upsell

  • Unlimited Bundles & Discounts by Revy

  • Bundle Builder

  • Cross Sell

  • One Click Upsell

  • Zoorix: Cross Sell Cart Upsell

  • Upsell Product Add‑Ons


Compatible apps


Compatible apps

Incompatibility issues

If you are using another app to tag orders, tagging issues are possible if the tagging process happens at around the same time in both apps.

Please contact the other app's support to ask if they can delay their tagging process for a few minutes. Should they not be able to do that, our two apps would be incompatible for now.


Compatible apps

Not compatible

  • Wholesale Club

Booking apps

Not compatible

  • CoAttend - Booking app

  • BookThatApp - Zetya

Exporting / Reporting

Compatible apps

Custom checkouts

Not compatible

  • Multiship

  • Charge Me Later

Pre-order Apps

Compatible apps

Not compatible

  • Pre-order by Amai

  • Pre-order Now - Preorders

Since pre-order apps usually use Draft orders API, most of them are not compatible with our app.

Here are the usual issues when apps use the Draft orders API:

  • our rates will usually not work well because the _ZapietId gets deleted

  • we will not be able to change the language of checkout

  • pickup discount codes through our app will not work

  • checkout button will not be locked

Multiple vendors

Not compatible

  • Multi Vendor Marketplace

Our app is not a good fit if you're using multiple vendors. If you have vendor specific products, those can only be bought by one vendor at a time—should your customers have products from multiple vendors in the cart, they will not be able to check out.

Product Fees and Deposits

Compatible apps


Not compatible

  • TipQuik

    • When customers interact with this app's pop up, our widget is bypassed.

Limiting quantity

Compatible apps

Not compatible

  • Limit Quantity Purchase by MageComp

    • When this app is enabled on a theme, our widget can be bypassed as our app cannot lock the check out button.

Shopping assistant

Not compatible

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