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🇬🇧 Activate and connect the Controller
🇬🇧 Activate and connect the Controller

Guide to how to activate and connect the Controller and a subscription to your profile on the Portal.

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Before you start activating your Controller, we recommend that you charge it on the wireless charger and have your voucher code ready.

  1. Download the Zeaeye Appen
    Download the app here. You can also reach the Zeaeye Portal via your browser.

  2. Create profile
    Landlubber, master or pirate - all are welcome. Use your mobile phone number when creating the profile and signing in. You'll receive a code via SMS that you use instead of a password.

  3. Add vessel
    Sailboat, motor boat, kayak, or SUP board - Zeaeye Controller fits all kinds of vessels. Create your vessel to connect your Controller.

  4. Connect the Controller
    Your Controller has a unique number, a Controller ID, printed on the back. We suggest you write this down and store it somewhere safe. When clicking "Connect Controller" in the app you'll be guided through the next steps.

  5. Connect subscription
    When the Controller is connected you need to connect a subscription. This is where you use the voucher code that was sent via e-mail when purchasing the Controller.

    When connecting the subscription you have to enter your payment details, even if you've already paid for a chosen period. This is to ensure the subscription can continue after this period. This means you have to verify a payment of 0 kr.

    If you can't find your voucher code, check your spam folder or get in touch.

  6. Your Controller is ready to mount
    Well done! Moving on to: Mount your Controller

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